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How To Add Assertions In Coded Ui Test

Abstract: This article evaluates multiple Test Automation tools viz. Selenium, QTP and CUIT and does a side by side comparison of the features to give us a high level …

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Visual Studio ALM Rangers tooling and guidance for the Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-in, which extends the Coded UI feature support to Microsoft …

Coded UI Tests (CUIT) in Visual Studio are used for testing the functionality of UI controls. Creating a CUIT is easy with the use of Coded UI Test Builder.

Adding Assertion in Coded UI Testing -- Part 6 (CUIT Video Series)Coded UI Test (CUIT) – – Coded UI Record and Playback or; Coded UI Hand coding ; You have to follow the following step to perform coded UI test, Create a coded UI test project

Coded UI Tutorial – Add more actions and assertions. Place the cursor at the appropriate point in the test method and then, on the shortcut menu, choose Generate Code for Coded UI Test.

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