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How To Address Correspondence

How to address a letterHow to Address a Mayor of a US city – How to Address a United States Mayor. Envelope, official: The Honorable (Full name) Mayor of (municipality) (Address)

Jul 23, 2013  · Forms of Address General Guidelines Address Blocks. … In official correspondence, greetings are followed by a colon. Dear Mr. President: Dear Judge …

Address book, cup of tea and stationery at the ready, … Simply refer to our handy list and take the mystery out of addressing your social correspondence correctly.

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Titles Used in Articles and Correspondence. … If in doubt, put the cre­den­tial ini­tials after the name in the address sec­tion, and use “Dear Dr. Jones …

How to Address Justices and Judges in Correspondence – Received from Gonzaga University How to Address Justices and Judges in Correspondence Addressee Address on letter and envelope Salutation U.S. …

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How to Address an Attorney or Lawyer In the United States. Envelope to an attorney on a legal matter: (Full Name), Esq. Name of Firm (Address)

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